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Manufacturer - Coin Operated Breath Alcohol Test Vending Machines


WAKE UP ELECTRONICS S.L. was founded in 2000 with the desire to create an innovative and groundbreaking firm within the vending machines sector. Our machines are addressed to a very important public use, that is, the prevention of road accidents due to alcohol intake, and road safety. 
Our Breath Alcohol Test Coin Operated Vending Machines have been conceived, designed and built to offer to the final user: maximum security and reliability. We use high-quality electronic and mechanic components, respecting all the quality requirements set by the European Community. Our bet in the field of road safety is very strong, because we know Governments and Institutions are always ready to collaborate in this area.
Our future plans include the diversification of the product: on the one hand, new applications in the area of road safety and new products for health and body care, and on the other hand, a great marketing expansion in America, Europe, Africa and other very demanding markets. Health is a very important issue in human life because it ensures the possibilities to establish rewarding relationships with the environment and, thus, personal achievements are enhanced. In Wake Up Electronics S.L. we are decided to make our own contribution and our products are our best asset in order to make your life easier.
Thank you very much for choosing our products.
Best wishes,
Marco Musumeci

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